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Dear Birth Mother-to-Be,

We are seeking to adopt a baby! Choosing us to adopt your baby will gift your baby with LIFE, LOVE, and A FAMILY, without the possible process of going through a waiting time, or the difficulty of multiple transitions.

We are ready anytime! I would love to have the honor of being there at the time of birth to support you as you go through the amazing process of birth, and to share those first moments with this beautiful new life! I have attended a total of 12 births, so I not only have experience being there for you as the birthing mother, but also know what a beautiful thing this is.

Let me share a little bit about us!

We are a family of 4, wanting to soon be 5, or maybe 6. Twins would be a bonus bundle of love! My husband and I have been married 12 years. We met and courted for almost 4 years prior to marriage. We have two handsome, happy little boys (our biological children) that are the joy of our lives! We are so blessed! God is good. The oldest is 8 years old, and the youngest is 5.

We have so much love, and we deeply desire to share that love with another baby (or twins)! After the birth of our youngest son (due to birthing complications), we are no longer able to have another biological child.

Our friends would say we are a very stable family. We love our God and Savior Jesus most of all, and we are very involved in church ministry. We are very active, and we love time with friends and family! We live in the country, yet very close to town, so it’s truly the best of both worlds.


We believe in, and deeply treasure our saving relationship with God. We choose to let the love of God be our guide for our parenting style!

Our parenting style is one of love with logic, and then topped off again with love! Our boys are always permitted to express how they feel, and we encouraged them to talk about anything. (There are times that the answer is still no, of course, but never without the option for them to express themselves and gain a better understanding of why the answer may be no).


My husband is the main financial supporter of our home. He works at our regional church denomination headquarters. I hold a full-time position as Domestic Engineer, also known as a stay-at-home Mommy! I terminated my work outside the home one month before the birth of our first son, and I have never regretted that decision!

I love being a Mommy! Speaking of love, we say "I love you" a LOT in our home! Everyone to everyone!  We give lots of hugs & kisses! Even when there are tears, or we are requiring a time out, we give hugs and say, “I love you!” We always deal with difficult situations as they happen, and we never let ill-feeling linger throughout the day.


We love to travel and to take family vacations! We enjoy camping and sight-seeing. We like to grow a garden, spend time outdoors, and we enjoy animals and have pets.

We have extended family with many cousins! We have wonderful grandmas and an out-of-this world grandpa we want to share! So, if you are going to have a baby and are feeling that for whatever reason you are unable to deal with this, please do give us the opportunity to talk to you! Please consider making a choice that could really help you have peace of mind, and one that will give your unborn baby that which you may feel ill-equipped to give. You are giving life to your child. We can provide a stable family! You would be giving us a precious gift that we’d forever be grateful for!

I have written this as though writing to a mother-to-be, but please, if you are reading this and know of someone in this situation, do let them know about us!

We live in northern Idaho. My husband works in Washington State. We are open to adopt here in Idaho / Washington, or anywhere out of state!

Keep in mind that this private adoption would not cost you anything! We will take care of any legal expenses. We would love to meet you, either in person or online. We can visit together so that you can decide if our family would be a good choice for you and your baby.

With Loving Regards to you and your unborn baby,

Your Possible Adoptive Family,

Michele & Dusty & Family


Life Experience

April 29 2007

Michele and Dusty were married. 

March 10 2011

Our first son was born. 

Sept 22 2014

Our second son was born. 

We pent 2 weeks in NICU. By Gods Grace he has NO Complications from his traumatic birth experience.


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